Urine test - Leukocytes 3+ wbc/hpf 40-60, squamous epithelial Cells 6-10, bacteria moderate. Bladder infection? Had hysterectomy.

Possible UTI. Urinary tract infection (UTI, bladder infection) is likelys with these results, but the epithelial cells indicate it was not a clean catch specimen, i.e. the urine was contaminated with vaginal fluid. Still, the leukocyte and WBC results suggest UTI; if not, you may have a vaginal infection, such as yeast. The biggest problem might be interpreting a urine culture result. Discuss with your doctor.
UTI. Your sample was not clean catch. Further do you have symptoms ? Symptoms like burning, pain, increased urge to pee, etc. if you have no symptoms suggest get a clean urine sample and culture. If you have symptoms should see your MD for consideration of treatment. .