If I have an orgasm and then fall asleep later I wake up with a throbbing headache within 2 to 3 hours of falling asleep?

Here are some... Throbbing headache 2-3 hrs after orgasm may be associated with vasodilation, which may imaginably be possible. However, before jumping into a firm conclusion, it's necessary to adequately analyze detailed history, adequately conduct physical exam, & order tests as needed so to define best possible Dx for reasonable Rx, care, & counseling.
Muscle. spasm of skull. to Regular brisk walking for I hr., strengthening back muscles by lifting head and feet in prone and head and knees a few inches in supine position 10 times going up to 30 times daily, preferably after warm shower or after a walk. It is wrong to stretch cold muscles. Avoid drugs and too much imaging tests.