I have a long history of allergies, vasomotor rhinitis, sinus inflammation and sinus infections. I have had severe sinus headaches (common) for 10 da?

See allergist. Your problem appears to be complex and thus you will likely do better by consulting an allergist who can help you to pinpoint the cause then recommend avoidance and treatment options. If there is no anatomic reason for the sinusitis, an immune evaluation may be in order as well. There are several b/c allergist /immunologists n your immediate area.
Sinus congestion. DianaM ~ important to state that you DO NOT NEED ANTIBIOTICS, which is an easy knee jerk response. Here use motrin 400mg (OTC) 3 x a day with meals for pain. Continue a non-drowsy antihistamine like Allegra. Continue nasal steroid sprays if you use them and then STEAM ~ some VICKS in the HOT water, and towel over head for 15mins 2x a day! Should improve quickly !