Please explain hyperaldosteronism to me and how rare is it?

Explain hyperaldo. 62 F F wants explanation.. Primary aldo (A). A single cell in ur adrenal (AD)begins to make A on its own. A causes Na retention & lowers renin(R). U now have Norm A but Lo R. Cell divides & makes more A. ur renin goes down more to lower A by rest of ur ADs. U now have low R and high A. Once adenoma makes more than ur usual A ur BP goes up & K down. As it grows BP/K get worse. HiBP Lo K kills.
Hyper-aldosteronism. Your gland may be producing too much aldosterone which leads to a variety of symptoms that need evaluation and management. It is not common but it is not rare. You must discuss this with your doctor and discuss the options for management. Wish you well.