What should I do before my lasik surgery next month?

Speak to your doctor. Congratulations on your upcoming lasik procedure! it should be a life-changing event! when you signed up, you should have been given instructions on how to prepare for surgery (stopping contact lens wear, what to wear and what not to do the day of the procedure, etc.). If you are unsure what exactly you need to prepare, call your lasik doctor - he/she should be eager to answer all your questions.
Dry eye therapy. Lasik often induces dry eyes. It is important to start omega 3 fatty acid supplements. You need to talk to your internist to determine if there are any medical contraindications of you taking omega 3 fatty acids.
Lasik . Just continue your normal activities. Make sure you discontinue your contact lenses prior to surgery and use your preop drops are directed.
Follow directions. Make sure you follow any instructions your eye surgeon has given you. This may include eyedrops, staying out of contact lenses, getting prescriptions filled, reading any materials or forms you were given, have ready any questions you may still have, and notify the surgeon if any changes in your eyes or health occur.