Does being nervous and angry cause chest tightness and breathing difficulty? I have these from yesterday after going through argument.

Yes, possible. Anxiety disorders and type A personalities are common confounders and contributors to heart disease. So yes, heated arguments can cause physical symptoms; sometimes it needs treatment and testing, other times, no. TTYD or seek help on HealthTap Prime for better guidance.

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Chest tightness, breathing difficulty, chesty cough, no fever. What does this sound like?

Respiratory symptoms. Cough, chest tightness and shortness of breath are 3 of the 4 common symptoms of asthma. Wheezing is the other symptom. Fever is not a sign seen with asthma. Other respiratory diagnoses can also have similar symptoms, but a lung specialist (allergist or pulmonologist) can perform tests to confirm the diagnosis and find appropriate therapy. Read more...