How reliable is stem cell therapy for bald areas?

Not available yet. Mainstream medicine is looking at this, and there are promising leads, but it's also being offered by charlatans. When it fails, they'll still have your money and will blame you on some pretext. Here's an update from a legitimate source: http://www. Medicalnewstoday. Com/articles/271898.php For now, why not get a baseball cap or shave your head and build muscle? Nothing looks better for a man.

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Hi, I am 21 yrs old. I have started balding since 2 yrs. What should I do to stop further baldness. Should go for stem cell therapy?

Not proven. Although I have heard of the use of stem cells in asia, it is not a widely accepted form of treatment and is currently more hype than fact.
Stem Cell Therapy. I have been heavily involved in using adipose derived stem cell therapy for hair loss and although our results have been promising, this therapy is still being research by teams lead by myself and others. I would suggest having a consultation with a hair restoration expert as a first step. There are many proven therapies that you might benefit from first.

Deos stem cell therapy work for hair loss.....Or effective is it....

Haven't heard that. One's primary care doctor can check for medical causes. If none are found, then one can see a dermatologist, especially one specializing in hair restoration (some treatments: minoxidil, finasteride, hair transplants, . ..). Medical causes may include: hormonal problems (low thyroid), seborrhea, alopecia areata, stressful illness. Other causes: genetic male/female pattern baldness, telogen effluvium.
Platelet rich plasma. There are some early clinical studies in progress regarding use of platelet rich plasma in promoting hair growth.

How reliable is stem cell therapy for the knees?

Experimental. Hi. Stem cell therapy holds tremendous promise that only has a chance of being realized when anti-science ignoramuses (GOP, right wingers) are kept OUT of power. There is no approved stem cell therapy for knee problems, but if you WANT to see stem cell potential, keep idiots OUT of positions of power with your VOTE!!! Stem cells rock, and science has only scratched the surface!
Variable outcome. Stem cell therapy is a very specialized treatment, recommendation is based on specific criteria and outcomes remain very variable. I recommend talking to a specialist that has seen you and has all the necessary information to answer your question more accurately.

How safe is adult stem cell therapy?

Appears safe. Use of adult mesenchymal stem-stromal cells (mscs) are currently in clinical trial in us/internationally. Trend is toward use of fat derived mscs, havested by liposuction, isolated and concentrated in tissue culture. Early reports suggest significant improvement in neurological, autoimmune and organ functions. Many more mscs in fat than bone marrow making ad-msc the center of most research now.
Safety -yes. There is abundant evidence from Phase I Clinical trials that adult stem cell therapy is safe. It is the purpose of Phase I trials to establish safety. Other phases (II, III and post III) established efficacy and dosage response levels. Hundreds of Phase I trials have been conducted for various indications. This is an excited area of medicine!

What countries do stem cell therapy?

Legitimacy? Before traveling for stem cell therapy make sure it is legitimate - people travel to some countries and get who knows what labeled as stem cells. I would be hesitant to go to any other country for treatment such as this.

How are they using stem cell therapy around the world?

IV and targeted. Adult stem cells are being studied for IV use and for guided injection therapy into areas of disease or degeneration. Most important cell group appears to be the mesenchymal stem-stromal cells which are multipotent (several tissues). Trend is to use fat tissue as source since it has highest numbers of these types of cells. Amazing reports are growing that they have great therapeutic potentials.

Has stem cell therapy proven to be effective in the us?

Absolutely. For a variety of conditions this has been life-saving. It is not without risks and some patients have been failures, but overall it has been an amazing addition to physician's armamentarium.

What is the definition or description of: stem cell therapy?

Broad. Application of cellular therapy to replace or repair diseased or injured cells. The "stem cell" would have the capacity to "grow up" and result in new healthy tissue or organ. The most common application would be blood stem cells for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, or other blood cancers, but increasingly stem cells are being looked at to treat arthritic, cardiac and other issues.

Can stem cell therapy help armd?

Possibly. There are some new stem cell treatments that can help armd, and there are several centers that are performing studies. Bascom palmer eye institute in miami and wills eye hospital in philadelphia are two such centers. See http://www. Advancedcell. Com/.