Hello, this is the first time over the last 8 years that I used birth control. I start the last day of my mentrual period; however I have been feeling PMS (tender breast, bloating, painful hips, etc). My period originally supposed to arrive on July 27th an

Common. You can start OCPs anytime, but ideally on first day (not last day ) of ur period. Ur symptoms are common and should resolve within next three cycles. Ur cycle is off because of starting OCPs late - it can take a few months for your body to get use to them and regular cycles to return. If PMS symptoms persist, see ur dr about lowering estrogen dose or having take them continuously.
Estrogen effect. You are getting extra estrogen hormone coming with the bcp and it can cause the symptoms that you are talking about. This is going away in the coming months when the body get adjusted this additional hormones coming via bcp.