26 f, microscopic hematuria detected inconsistently in urine tests. Blood tests show kidney function is fine. Should I be worried/see a urologist?

Constant hematuria. If you have no urinary tract infection, you need go to a urologist to assess your urinary tract. You will need a renal ultrasound and probably an intravenous pyelogram to see if there are any problems with your kidneys. If these studies show no problem, you will need to have the urologist do a cystoscopy so your urinary bladder's wall can be visualized to see if you have any abnormalities there.
Need work up. Start with pmd obviously- who is going to take a careful exam and repeat the urine test. You will need to get an imaging study- like ct scan to rule out certain things- like stone, mass/growth etc. Then depend on the result of the work-up- referral to urologist can be arranged by your primary doctor accordingly. Good luck.