What causes your clitoris to itch and burn?

Contact dermatitis. is a common cause. Have you used any products in the area that might cause irritation? I would recommend that you use only a soap for sensitive skin or no soap at all for a few days. If it doesn't resolve or worsens, it would be good to schedule an appointment with your gyn. HPV, herpes, eczema, and vulvar dystrophies are all possibilities that your gyn can rule out.

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I have been using vagasil in my clitoris since I had a tiny cut which is now healing I think. It burns when I wipe. Why? My butt also itches.

Wrong Rx,wrong place. Vagisil is not designed to treat clitoral cuts, but when spread over the perineum can irritate with itching in the area due to any bacterial content. This might be a good time to see a GYN MD at the right place for the right Rx for your problem. Read more...

20 year old female with vaginal problems. Burned when urinating, now my clitoris itches and burns when scratched, now I can't hold my urine, odorous.?

Yeast? UTI? STD? This sounds like a yeast infection. However, the "can't hold urine" symptom could be from a bacterial urinary tract infection. Depending on sexual risks, an STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea are possible. Whatever the cause, it should be easy to diagnose and treat. See a doctor. It's probably nothing dangerous, but you still should be examined in the next couple of days. Good luck! Read more...