Best indian food with high protein and carbs for body building? My weight is just 51 and heighr is 174 cm. I want to puton weight. Please suggest me

Plant-based protein. To build muscle eat more calories than you burn using healthy whole food sources like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. You will be getting plenty of protein if you eat a variety of vegetables and legumes, such as dal and chana masala. You will of course need to train hard and get enough rest to recover between workouts. Do these things consistently, and you will see results.
Parasites. I assume you are 5'8 and 102 pounds? People who have difficulty gaining weight usually have parasites i'n gut. In india we fry neem flowers i'n ghee and eat with rice to help this. If you live i'n usa they have paratosin as capsules that has these herbs - protocol need to be done longer sometimes up to 9 months. The diet that helps weight gain - indian almond halva (almond butter like).
Protein. Egg white is superior to all. Quinoa is excellent. Beans and lentils are excellent. Milk protein is excellent. Whole grains are good but not sufficient. Nuts are excellent. Yogurt is excellent.