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I have left shoulder pain goes from the top to the elbow hard to teach out and reach behind my back can't fasten my bra iy hurts so bad sleeping nigh?

Rotator cuff. Your symptoms of pain @ night and pain w/ movements away from body suggest your rotator cuff is involved. Pain can be from the rot cuff getting 'pinched' underneath the point of the shoulder (impingement syndrome).Try taking a NSAID for a few days. If your pain continues see a board certified ors for examination/ x-rays. Best of luck.!

Left shoulder pain to the elbow. Vomited last pm. Feel week and dizzy upon standing. Started otezla last tuesday?

Call your doctor. Call the doctor who prescribed it And stop the med until you speak with that person. It may or may not be related to the med.

Severe left shoulder pain by corner socket cannot lift shoulder/arm all the way up what could be possible cause?

Rotator cuff. If recent onset, a rotator cuff injury is a possibly. If a longstanding problem, arthritis is a common cause of decreased shoulder motion. Have it checked out by an orthopedic surgeon.

I've had left shoulder pain for about 6 weeks. No injury. I cannot raise my arm straight up in the air and I cannot extend it back to undo my bra.?

Muscle/tendon injury. Without a history of a specific injury, your pain could be coming from the fact that you strained the muscles (deltoid or rotator cuff) around the shoulder or sprained the ligaments and joint that join the end of your collar bone (clavicle) to the shoulder blade (acromion portion of the scapula). You should seek a thorough orthopaedic surgeon evaluation if the pain persists past a week.

Hi I have left shoulder pain when I move my arm the pain tricep and shoulder?

Muscular? If you haven't had a fall or acute injury, I'd think that it is muscular etiology. I'd curtail any strenuous activities and use ice and nsaid med. If symptoms persist I'd see your ortho for further eval.

Throbbing shoulder pain that goes down threw my arm. One day its my left shoulder an the next it will be my right one its been going on for about 2wk?

Anything. It could be anything from the way you sleep to the way you use your arms every day, exercise and concentrate on the shoulder muscles. Apply heat. Take ibuprofen. No better, see your local doctor.