Are early cystic changes on navicular bone many months post injury a sign of avascular necrosis?

Cysts in bone. Cystic changes or erosions in bone post trauma can indicate that the bone matrix was disrupted from the injury and cystic changes have resulted. It does not mean that you have avascular necrosis, but it can mean that there are changes in the trabecular patterns of the bone due to the trauma. Bone injuries can cause many different bone patterns to occur as a result of the bone trying to heal itsel.

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After an MRI and X-Ray I was told I likely have avascular necrosis in my navicular following an injury 4 mos ago. Not in much pain though. This norm?

Avascular can. may cause u problems down the road. Especially if you are an active person. You may want to get some functional orthotics to protect the navicular and repeat the x-rays every year. . Read more...

Doctor told me my images were consistent with avascular necrosis in the navicular/midfoot. 4 months post injury. What's this mean for me?

What did the doctor . Tell you? This potentially is a problem if the diagnosis is accurate. Are you symptomatic? Some of the amniotic materials have been effective in case reports to help repair bone damage from avascular necrosis... Read more...