I'm 16 and 6 foot 2 and I have never hit a rapid growth spurt do you think I'll hit a rapid growth spurt in 6th grade I was 5ft 6 7th grade I was 5ft 8 the grade I was 5ft11 now I'm 6ft 2?

Did already. I would say with confidence that you have had your rapid growth spurt. If you are concerned about growing another 3-6 inches, it is unlikely. Most kids stop growing taller in their late teens. But you have the potential to grow taller until the ends of your bones become permanently solid.
STEADY VS SPURT. Growth follows a pattern set forth in your genetic makeup. It can be steady year over year or dramatic and people don't feel different during a growth phase.Most males stop growing at 16-17.An x-ray of your wrist and hand could be assessed to see if you are near the end or have more to come.