Ice pick headaches left side on vp shunt valve last 5 days w/ left groin pain where nodes are, no big nodes. Some pressure behind left eye, thoughts?

Need Examination. Anybody with new onset headaches in the setting of having a VP shunt needs to immediately ask to see their doctor for a shunt check. If it's possible to get in to see either your neurologist or neurosurgeon, so much the better. If the shunt's cleared then, the headaches can be addressed knowing they're not due to shunt problems. I'd be happy to answer more questions @:

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Ice pick headaches every 10 min left side of head, left groin pain every 10 min (no swollen nodes). also have 25 y/0 vp shunt left side. Help?

Shunt may be pulling. The shunt tubing might be being pulled and causing pain at the proximal and distal sites. Its prudent to meet your surgeon to see if they can revise the shunt tubing. But if the shunt has been there for 25 years, it might be best not to tamper with it, if it is working. It really depends on the severity of symptoms, and if your surgeon thinks its coming from the tubing. Read more...