Why will dental implant placement surgery take 2 full hours just to do 2 molar implants? Is there drilling into the jawbone for 2 hours?

Not usually. Much depends on the location, bone present, bony contours, adjacent tooth positions, soft tissue presentation and your ability to open wide for a few minutes.Once numb, the actual surgical procedure takes less than 30 minutes in the hands of a skilled and experienced team. We do extractions, 4 implants in each arch, bone shaping/grafting, closure, abutment placement, IV sedation - 2 hrs. Good Luck.
20-60 min. As long as you are treated by a qualified surgeon with experience, the process is smooth, fast and easy. Implant placement by Board Certified Oral Surgeon the should take between 20 minutes to an hour max. See OMS for consultation.
Allowance. Depending on the specifics of your situation, the 2 hours may well include sedation and recovery time which can vary significantly among individuals. Also, it is prudent to allow time to manage the unexpected even though it is often unneeded. The actual surgery will not likely take the full 2 hours.