I have small red dots on the tip of my tongue the are sore and I dip?

See a Pro. Tobacco (smoked, dipped, chewed, inhaled or not) causes Cancer. Quit now. If you can go 2 full weeks without tobacco use and the red spots disappear, you're probably OK. If red spots persist, see an Oral Surgeon immediately. This all hinges on your quitting tobacco use immediately, fully, completely.
Needs evaluation. How long have the lesions been there? Anything that lasts more than two weeks should be evaluated. The sooner you stop dipping the less chance of oral cancer. Not worth the risk.
See any dentist ASAP. A red spotted tongue is nothing anyone wants to have especially due to the dip. See any dentist for evaluation, cancer screening and tests.
STOP the dip. Redness often indicates inflammation and given the contents of snuff (formaldehyde, cyanide, lead, arsenic, benzene.. you get the idea) it is important to realize this is a habit that needs to be stopped. If you stop early enough, the damage is likely reversible but if you continue, cancer of the mouth is a real risk.