Can gabapentin cause a flare with lupus and kidney disease?

Gabapentin SLE Kid D. Hello. Gabapentin is used to treat pain related to lupus. It treats the nerve symptoms associated with lupus. Gabapentin dose may need to be cut back if you have some elements of kidney dysfunction.
Not really. The gabapentin dose must be adjusted for someone very severe kidney disease, but it cannot cause a lupus flare.
Gabapentin and SLE. Dear Gabriele: Some of the major side effects of gabapentin include: dizziness, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision; headache; dry mouth; and loss of balance or coordination. Gabapentin does not usually affect the kidney function. You need to see a physician if your rheumatologist is not available. Simple tests will determine your current activity of SLE. Best wishes, Nisha.