Hip pain after lying down?

Bursitis v.arthritis. Hip pain after lying down could be a inflammatory problem with the bursa called bursitis. If the pain is worse with longer periods of lying down, it could be stiffness you are experiencing from an arthritic hip. First step is to see a doctor such as a physiatrist who will examine you and may require an x-ray. We may also recommend a trial of an anti-inflammatory.

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Hip pain after sitting or lying down. Unable to put weight on hip when getting up, after few steps it stops hurting. X-ray and blood tests r normal.

See details. Is the pain in the groin area. If not it is unlikely it is a hip issue. If it is hip, the next step is an mri.
Could be bursitis, . Could be bursitis, but needs evaluation to localize the problem and also review of the x-rays to assure that they are actually normal.