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I'm breastfeeding, baby is 3 month old, when can I drink coffee?

Drink coffee. You may drink coffee anytime you wish as long as you drink in moderation. Limit your intake to two cups a day.
Now. The caffeine in coffee is considered safe during lactation after the newborn period. Consumption around the time of delivery has problems because baby has not developed a way of getting rid of it easily and it can linger in the system for days, producing irritability and poor feeding. After the first week it is broken down more like adults and is seldom a cause of baby symptoms.

I have a 1month old baby and im breastfeeding, I used to drink coffee 2x a day, is it safe? And how does it affect to the baby?

Coffee ; breastfeed. Best if you could settle for decaf, but one cup a day will have no adverse effects on the baby. Caffeine does cross into breast milk. Should try and keep intake.
Coffee/breastfeeding. It is fine to drink a small amount of coffee while breastfeeding but the caffeine will enter the breastmilk so drink in moderation of baby will be irritable.

Can I drink decaf coffee when breastfeeding?

Absolutely. If you enjoy this as a beverage and you are doing decaf, there is no reason not to enjoy your coffee while breastfeeding. Make sure to get some dairy, however, as you need that extra calcium while breast feeding.

Can I drink a cup of coffee and one cup of tea a day during breastfeeding? My son is 6m old!?

Likely OK. Newborns can have some trouble metabolizing caffeine but at 6m the exposure proposed is considered relatively safe during breast feeding. There is evidence that chronic caffeine use can lower the iron content of breast milk but in low to moderate amounts tis is less a issue. Rarely irritability & insomnia can arise in sensitive infants.