I take allegra, (fexofenadine) montelukast but im having a lil dizziness almost vertigo can I add meclizine to help my veritgo attack?

Probably. But if that doesn't work, please consult your doctor asap, you might may have something requiring medical attention, always exercise caution with multiple medications, you are already on other potentially interacting medicines.

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I take montelukast everyday and added allegra (fexofenadine) been itchy but if vertigo attack comes is ot still ok to take meclizine? Or skip montelukast?

Caution advised. There is no incompatibility between the 3. However, combo meds should be avoided. What we propose is to treat the cause for both sinus problem and vertigo. Usually there are environmental causes for both problems. To learn how we propose to treat the cause visit us at www.ehacstl.com . Read more...