I broke my ankle 8. Days ago now top of foot bruised n swelling n hurts to touch right by my toes could I have broken more n xrays missed it?

Broken ankle or foot. Depending on the severity of your ankle fracture and the mechanism of the injury (ie. How it happened) you could have swelling and bruising to the toes. Did you only have ankle x-rays? If so you might need foot x-rays also. Go back to the doctor you saw and get more information. If you went to the ER, then you might need the x-rays to take to your personal doctor.
Yes-good question. You might have additional injuries or related condtions involving your foot or toes. The symptoms may also be simply related to swelling which frequently occurs after a broken ankle. I would recommend you elevate your leg and follow-up as soon as possible with an Orthopaedic Surgeon to see if you need any further x-rays or evaluation.
Possible, But. Of course, anything is possible. More than likely though, the ankle x-rays included the foot. To make sure, you might call the doctor and give him (her) the details. Depending on the type of fracture care you are being treated with, it maybe already be appropriate for the treatment your newly developed symptoms.