What does pleural based wedge shaped opacity finding in ct scan mean?

Pulmonary infarct. A wedge shaped opacity (whitening) has typically been thought to represent an infarction or a blockage of a blood vessel reducing blood supply to a section of the young. This would be seen with a pulmonary embolism. Less commonly this opacity can be seen in pneumonia, tumors, and other diseases. Chest pain, difficulty breathing and rapid heart rate will accompany pulmonary embolism. Immediate eval.
CT finding. The covering of the lung is called "pleura". Lung on a CT scan appears black. When there is increase in density of the lung it appears white. Pleural based opacity means there is increased density or commonly called "a shadow" on the lung that is close to the covering of the lung. Many things can cause opacities and most common of course is an infection.Hope this helps!