Hi. I have tender breasts, mood swings, high sex drive, tightness in abdominen area, sickness if I lay on my stomach at night for bed, always hungry.

See your Dr. It's quite likely that multiple symptoms such as yours are not all related to one condition. Cyclic hormonal changes cause breast discomfort just prior to menstruation. Mood swings can be due to PMS and Bipolar Disorder, among other causes. Hyper sexuality can be also be associated with Bipolar Disorder as well as a number of conditions. Often the cause is unknown. Best to see your physician.
Are you pregnant? Suggest pregnancy test. Depending on outcome, further testing and consultation may be warranted.

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No cycle in 2 months. Lmp may 3rd, sex may 25. Nausea, cramping, tender breasts, dizziness, insomnia, always hungry, mood swings. Could I be pregnant?

See below. To find out if you're pregnant or not, try to do over-the counter pregnancy test. For your peace of mind, you might want to contact either your primary care physician or obgyn. Some things just cannot be diagnosed and addressed over the internet :) good luck! Read more...