Which brand of natural progesterone cream is advisable to use for treating pcos & estrogen dominance?

None. Skin Progesterone creams are not fda regulated and absorption rates are unknown - would not use these for anything .
None of them. 'estrogen dominance' is just slang, it is not a true condition. Skipped periods due to pcos can be managed with progesterone, but no 'natural cream' is a good choice - talk with a doctor who can prescribe Progesterone if you need it.

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Can progesterone cream be used to treat estrogen dominance in someone with pcos instead of bcp?

Yes, but... It can but you would need to be monitored very carefully with bloodwork and ultrasounds. Cream that is compounded may not be absorber in a predictable way. And also you never really know the exact dose you are getting. So to protect yourself you need to be monitored carefully by a reproductive endocrinologist. Read more...