Hi, doctors, Could you please describe how important the clean water is for the patient in any hospital around the world and how harmful is it to use plastic galloon refilled water for patient? I appreciate if you tell me your name and soecialist. Tq

Clean water, yes. of course it is important. Does not need to be sterile, however, as long as the jar is clean and the source is drinking (potable) water such as you would use at home. If you doubt that the container is clean, then wash it yourself in warm soapy water and let it dry before filling. This would kill most germs. Ask if you can go to the source to fill it yourelf. I am an emergency physician.
Clean water. In a hospital, it is important that the water not contain any contamination or infectious agents (bacteria, virus, parasites). The plastic containers are not a cause for concern - what matters is the source and poissible contamination of the water that you put into the containers.