Can I insert a Monistat 1 (tioconazole) ovule two days in a row?

Safe but not needed? It would be safe, but probably unnecessary. Single dose Monistat ovules usually are sufficient. Don't expect yeast symptoms to clear up immediately; it takes at least 2-3 days.

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How soon can u have intercourse after using monistat 1 Day or Night Ovule insert?

No restrictions. Intercourse is not restricted while using vaginal yeast medication. Often patients with vaginal yeast infections are not comfortable having sex but there is no danger.

Took Monistat 1 (tioconazole) for mild yeast infection. 4 days later thicker white discharge. No smell. Still the ovule leaving my body? Can I use a v/w duesch?

Itching discharge? If the thick white vaginal discharge is not itching or has an odor then if there was an infection it has been resolved. It is never recommended to douche as this can exacerbate any vaginal problems by removing good bacteria.