What's best food for combo/oily skin? What should I avoid or take less? What should I consume more? What to do when I have a break out? 3 Blemishes: (

Be kind to your skin. Treating adult acne can be a challenge. The first step is to be kind to your skin and clean it with a gentle cleanser. Harsh scrubbing and strong soaps can make acne worse. The second step is to try the over the counter treatments available. Consult with your doctor to see which ones are right for you. The last step is to avoid picking at your acne as this can lead to scarring and inflammation.
Wrong question. No diet nor any foods will be of benefit for oily skin. PCOS is associated with enlarged oil glands and acne. The antiandrogen Spironolactone will help your skin. Studies have shown no association with breast cancer but you must review with your oncologist before you begin.
Fruits, vegs, water. Take vitamines A,E, D, and Zinc for your skin. Keep it clean but don't scrub hard. Use tissue paper to blot any excess oil. Use a little benzoyl peroxide on the blemishes.
You need more info.. ...than I can give you in 400 characters. I suggest you search a reputatble on line site. On of the best is the Mayo Clinic's Web Site. Search: mayoclinic.org--Patient Care & Health Information--Diseases & Conditions--Diseases by first letter--A--Acne. Hope this helps.