Trouble breathing, dry mouth despite lots of water, headache, hot face, heart palpitations, throat tightness, lymph near neck enlarged. Any thoughts?

Doctor can evaluate. "Trouble breathing" means one needs to see a doctor, because it can be many things, such as an allergic reaction, a heart problem, pneumonia, etc... Trouble breathing can also be due to asthma-type symptoms if the person is prone to getting such problems with any cold, flu, allergy, or strep symptoms. In some cases, trouble breathing can be due to huge tonsils or a tonsillar abscess.

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I'm 25, and fit. For a month I have tingling sensation in my head and left chest, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, throat heavy, what's wrong?

Multiple symptoms. You should try to examine your own life to see if there have been any recent changes in diet, stress level, supplements, medications. Next, please see your doctor for a thorough exam and blood tests. My greatest suspicion is thyroid dysfunction, but other concerns such as anemia or liver disease or exposure to some toxins might be considered. If it all checks out okay, consider anxiety.

31m Tension headaches migraines for 3 months. Clicking /ticking feeling and noise when my heart beat / pulse is going fast. Lump feeling in throat / tightness. Shallow breathing weak pulse feeling

Tension headaches. Here is some general advice on headaches. For specifics to your situation re diagnosis and treatment you will need to consult with a doctor licensed in your area as treatment will depend on the diagnosis and your other health conditions. Https://patient. Info/health/migraine-leaflet.
See a doctor. If you have new onset headaches, you should be seen by a physician who can evaluate and determine if you need additional tests to create a therapeutic plan.
Welcome back Ali. You have a cardiac anxiety syndrome that needs to be discussed and managed by your personal physician. I assume you are the same person I have consulted with. But if you are not and have a heart value replaced you may be hearing that. I need more information. This problem is very bothersome and needs to be treated.