Breast usually real sore but this month no soreness did I ovulate?

Hard to say. It's possible that you ovulated and did not experience breast soreness, and it's possible you missed the ovulation too. You can follow your cycles with an ovulation predictor kit if you want to know, or you can measure your basal body temperature every day to detect the increase in temp that happens when you ovulate!

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I am 9 days past my period, low open cervix, sore breasts, vaginal egg white fluid, can u ovulate twice in one month? . As I have already ovulated.

Twie? You might ovulate twice in one calendar month but not twice in one cycle. Sore breasts and mucus can be from other things, 'low cervix' doesn't mean anything.

Unusual sore breasts each month after ovulation for 2 weeks after abortion of twins 9 months ago? Ttc is everything ok? Also get palpatations dizzines

Can be normal. Breast tenderness before your period is normal. Premenstrual symptoms can change with time & increase or decrease from period to period depending on age, diet, emotional & physical factors. It is not related to your abortion directly, although emotional issues can increase premenstrual symptoms. Here is a good info sheet on mastalgia (breast pain) during your cycle: http://tinyurl. Com/9omaprs.

HELP PLEASE! Got my period this month, lasted 2 days and a week later I still have sore breasts and pain in my left ovary. Ovulating? Can't be pregs.

Sore Breasts. Sore breasts can have many causes other than pregnancy. Excessive caffeine and salt can both contribute to tenderness. Tenderness is also commonly experienced in the second half of the cycle due to progesterone. Pain in an ovary can be associated with ovulation or with a corpus luteum cyst that forms after ovulation. Hope this helps.

LH surge day17. luteal phase 9days this mo. 1st month charting. 6-8dpo cervix pinching/sore breasts. Hpt neg. Looks I ovulate late, am I infertile?

Formal testing. Both partners must have formal fertility examinations and medical workups.
Not infertile. Good that you have a LH surge. In addition, there are other tests to check your luteal phase, such as ultrasound around the ovulation, blood progesterone level, etc. If indicated, there is medicine to enhance the luteal phase.

Do breasts get sore before or after ovulation?

After. Breasts may become sore after ovulation due to the hormone Progesterone which is produced after ovulation.

Breast been sore for 8 whole days deep inside after ovulation?

Sore breasts. Sore breasts after ovulation are common occurrences. It is a result of production of hormones during your menstrual cycle. Severity and intensity of breast soreness after ovulation depends on the concentration of progesterone. As the level of progesterone varies from woman to woman some women may experience sore breasts more than others. Eating foods that contain caffeine, tea, coffee increases symptoms.