Excuse me but you are there to answer questions that's what you're online for it not to be rude for the people. That's why I didn't pay the 9.99.

See details. Sorry you had an unpleasant experience. Doctors answer questions free of charge as a way of providing guidance and directing individuals to appropriate care. If you were not satisfied with the answer you received then simply resubmit your question so another physician can try to answer it. .
Apologies in order. 41yo male bemoans what he perceives to be "rude" answer to his question. Most physicians are truly empathetic to patients' concerns. An occasional physician might be dismissive because of his/her own individual character defect, which is not unique to laypersons. Do not despair. There are many doctors at Healthtap eager to teach you. Physician is Greek word for teacher. Keep on asking brother. .