Have genital herpes for 2 yrs now I was diagnosed with chlamydia on antibiotics by having these STDs do I have a higher risk on getting a more serious STD like HIV?

Yes. It sounds like you do risky behaviors so you are at a higher risk of getting HIV.
In a manner. Having one STD, like herpes, that causes skin lesions does put a person at greater risk of HIV, if exposed to the virus. You can protect yourself by practicing safe sex. See this site for guideline for safe sex. Http://www. Aids. Org/topics/aids-factsheets/aids-background-information/what-is-aids/safer-sex-guidelines/

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When you have blood drawn can they determine if you have any type of sexual diseases like genital herpes, hiv, STD etc?

Blood tests. There are some blood tests which can look for the presence of antibodies which represent current or previous exposure to a virus or bacteria. These include tests for HIV and syphilis and herpes virus (hsv). Other STDs can be detected using swabs/cullures from sites of infection (throat, anus, urethra) or from urine tests (nucleic acid amplification tests). See your provider for the right test.
STD testing. Yes. We generally test for hiv, hepatitis, syphillis, herpes with blood work. These test are only run if asked for.
Yes, if asked for. Blood tests can determine several sexual diseases after a period of time after exposure, like syphilis, hiv, herpes, and hepatitis b. It is not the only way for many of them. Syphilis can be found out by swabbing affected areas, as can herpes which can even be diagnosed visually. But gonorrhea and chlamydia are diagnosed by culture and urinalysis. Hpv is determined by pap smear and biopsy.

Is it possible that after dating someone for a year and a half and having no symptoms out of no where I get an outbreak? Hi, well for starters I was diagnosed with genital herpes two days ago... I've been extremely depressed ever since. I've had an STD te

It. It is possible that one of you were carrying the virus for an extended period of time. It does not necessarily mean anyone is cheating. I am so sorry that this is happening for you but there is safe effective treatment. Please have your boyfriend go get checked also. And if your depression is continuing then please also arrange counseling for that. I wish you the best.

How soon after coming into contact with genital herpes can you get tested for that std?

Herpes. Patient is always at risk of sheeding even if asymptomatic. Incubation period could be 2-12 days, in some cases up to 26 days. The only way to avoid std is by abstinence. Latex codom is just a barrier to prevent std, patient can still get or transmit std when wearing a condom. May need to repeat testing in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months depends on what you have, assuming no more exposure.