35 male, 3 EKG's Echo stress and cholestrol fine. Chest pain in left at a single point, heart burn that goes away with tums (calcium carbonate). Heart prob? Out of shape?

Heart not likely. Chest point tenderness is more likely to be musculoskeletal than heart related and the work-up seems to be reassuring in that regard. You do seem to have symptoms that suggest reflux disease. If overweight, losing weight should help in all departments.

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When a person has heart burn, how do Tums (calcium carbonate) and alka seltzer help a person feel better?

Reduces acid. Heart burn is caused by stomach acid burning the cells in the esophagus. Tums and Alka seltzer contian bicarbonate, (sodium bicarbonate) a base which chemically neutralizes the acid, reducing the burning sensation. Read more...

Last night my heart burn was so bad I ended up taking 8 tums (calcium carbonate). Today I feel nauseous and my stomach feels hard and hurts. Is this normal?

NO. See your PCP or a gastroenterologist. Take a pregnancy test if there is a possibility you may be. You could try some OTC prilosec or Zantac (ranitidine) and see if you get relief. Avoid any alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs until this heals up. Read more...