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31 yo female recent ekg, stress test, echo all fine. Have bad gerd. I have pain in jaw and down left arm along with lost of bubbles in chest. Gerd?

If all of your. Cardiac testing is normal and you know you have GERD then it is likely your symptoms are from GERD. If after effective treatment for GERD you are still having the same symptoms, another cause should be investigated. With Ehlers Danlos I would focus on musical skeletal etiologies. Vascular abnormalities and cervical spine disease causing nerve compression.

Slight chest pressure after light activity, 2 normal stress test, over 12 normal ecg, 2 normal echo's, should I do coronary angiography or its gerd?

31 and 2 stress test. Unless there is a family history of premature heart disease or you take meth or cocaine, you likely have asthma, anxiety, or reflux. You have at this point demonstrated that it is almost certainly not your heart, try other approaches.