What does a PPBS result (post 1hr of having breakfast with potatoes and orange juice) of 154 indicate during the 8th month of pregnancy?

NoProteinW/Brkfast? It's one indication of what's called"Gestational Diabetes,"(Were you checked earlier for this??)which doesn't mean you had or will have diabetes in the future, just the pregnancy is promoting more sugar in your blood.The next step would be to confirm it with a standardized test using a standardized amount of sugar and a test 3 hours later.Worry not,you're in the 8th month. a diet change will help.
A little high. but not terrible. Why are you doing this testing in your 8th month? My guess would be your OB is concerned somewhat regarding just stational diabetes. Would really like to see that number down around 120. Please discuss with your OB at next prenatal visit. Best of luck with your pregnancy. Dr. R.
PPBS. not too bad. Need to watch your carbohydrate intake especially concentrated sweets.