Husband has swollen lymph node on left side neck. You can feel and see it. Recent flu diagnosis and eye staph. Doc ordered chest xray. What is it?

Likely inflammatory . This is likely a inflammatory lymph node related to his recent illness. This should be checked out by your md. If multiple lymph nodes they may want to do a ultrasound or ct to look at lymph nodes. Less likely a biopsy could be preformed.
NECK LYMPH NODES. You must wait for the result of the x-rays. It could be due to an infection from the flu, but the x-rays may be able to make the diagnosis.

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Hard, untender, swollen lymph nodes (3 on right neck+4 on left, 1 by each underarm).No fever, no night sweats. Lymphocytes normal, chest X-ray results=normal?

Enlarged LNs. How long you have been noticing the enlarged lns? Do you have enlarged spleen or liver? Most common cause for enlarged lns is reaction to inflammation that drains to the lns (in oral cavity in case of the enlarged neck lns). I would recommend to watch the lns since you experience no symptoms and initial workup is normal. Read more...

2 swollen lymph nodes in neck history of melanoma CBC normal apart from high lymphocytes chest X-ray normal, doc not doing any more tests, worried.

Questions. Lots of questions to help figure this out. Where are the nodes, where was the melanoma, how deep was it and how was it treated? How long ago was the melanoma found? If the nodes are in the drainage basin of the primary melanoma, that is more cause for worry than if they are elsewhere. Read more...