I'm a middle eastren girl with an olive skin color, is IPL laser hair removal treatment affective for my body? Is it proper for black thick hair?

Yes, Comparable. Just keep in mind that any claims of "permanent hair loss" should be aken with a grain of salts, as some hair growth after some time can be expected. It is definitely worth a try as there apparently arent many serious side effects. Feel Good!

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I'm going for a laser hair removal coz of thick hair around my chin, will the rays lead to drak skin, or will it help in lightening of skin color?

Shouldn't change. Great question. While patches of darker (hyperpigmentation) and lighter (hypopigmentation) can occur as a result of laser or ipl hair reduction, neither is common and in most cases these treatments will not effect your skin tone - though they will certainly reduce your hair volume. Read more...