I was once diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and haven't been on medication for some years now. I feel as if it may be getting worse is that possible?

Borderline PD. Can wax and wane over a lifetime, but responds well to therapy, and oftentimes meds can help with some of the symptoms, depending upon the individual. If you feel as though you’re having more trouble, please have an evaluation with a psychiatrist or psychologist. You can receive the appropriate treatment and referrals that way. Good luck!
Variable. Borderline personality disorder tends to be variable over time. It usually needs both medication and psychotherapy -- and these tend to work well.
Probably not. Borderline Personality tends to improve slowly over time....although there is not a definitive course for it. It is possible that other symptoms of depression/anxiety could be exacerbating the symptoms of BPD. You should be evaluated by a knowledgable professional.
Life is complicated. The best treatment for Borderline Personality is psychotherapy sometimes with medication. Your personality disorder does not necessarily get worst but you may be having more emotional and psychological conflicts. I would suggest that psychotherapy be part of your treatment.
See a therapist. There are no medications that can effectively treat borderline personality disorder, if that is what you truly have. You should have another, current evaluation for your symptoms. Meds can help w/ some of the mood instability, anger and transient paranoia assoc. w/ BPD, but psychotherapy is the best tx such as dialectical behavioral therapy. It incorporates mindfulness and affect regulation.
BPD and meds. Medication will not make a PD go away, but may help to manage some symptoms. Most BPD diagnoses are with people who have some significant abuse or trauma history. The longer term resolution comes from effective therapy. Dialectic Behavior Therapy, and EMDR on trauma history. Recommend you talk an experienced therapist as well as your prescribing doc. If meds helped before they may help again.
Yes. it is very variable. should verify with a Psychiatrist. if verified then get some t/t with medicine and or psychotherapy.