How to get rid of a bacterial infection in the vagina that's been going on for over a year? Tried a Yeast/BV med twice, and am now using boric acid.

Good steps. The key is a proper diagnosis. If BV is the problem then there are a variety of treatment protocols for recurrent cases. One trick is to use Nuvaring for birth control. It stabilizes the vaginal ph to 3.5-5.5 which keeps yeast and BV away. This is a nice and not commonly well known side effect.

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Ways to prevent yeast infection or a bacterial infection at your vagina? Does it help if I don't wear underwear when I sleep or does it make it worse?

Diagnosis & treatmen. The key to recurrent vaginal discharge cure is diligence. Careful testing should be done each episode to make sure you know what you ate treating. With diligence recurrent discharge can almost always be treated. You need to find an obgyn willing to be patient and work with you. Sleeping in underwear is not relevant one way or the other.
Does not matter. Maintaining a healthy vaginal flora and ph is the best way to avoid overgrowth with unwanted bacteria, like yeast or a mix of anaerobic bacteria, that cause bacterial vaginosis. You should avoid vaginal douches and what often helps are otc vaginal ph balancing gels. They come in packs of single applicators and you get them most of the time in supermarkets, next to the tampons.

How do I prevent from getting yeast infection or bacterial infection in my vagina?

Question unclear. Are you getting these? Or do you just want to prevent the possibility? Stop taking Keflex and this will reduce the risk of candidiasis. Bv is not likely to occur unless some change in the acidity or other environmental changes in your vaginal secretions. Doubt you can prevent this from occurring.