I have anxiety. Past month I've been dealing with issues, light sensitivity, eye pain, eye discomfort, eye irritation, eye strain, and eye fatigued. Saw an Optometrist & Ophthalmologist, found dry eyes, but keep getting thoughts I'm going blind? Help

Beginning to sound. Like hypochondriasis. That's when you think you have a medical condition, obsess over it, but don't really have anything physically wrong. You could have other kinds of anxiety (GAD, phobia, panic, etc.) but you'd have to go to a psychologist for an eval. Here's a beginning reference on anxiety: http://www. Psychologyproductsandservices. Com/page2.html.
Anxiety. The stressors that create anxiety can also result in a wide variety of physical symptoms. If the specialists have done good evals and found no concern, recommend you see a Psychologist expert in treating anxiety disorders. Key issue is what started the anxiety-that is what needs to be addressed as anxiety is just a symptom, like a fever might be a symptom of infection. Recommend EMDR Certified the.
Physical & therapy. While the reassurance of these doctors makes it most likely that your eyes are ok, You should have a general med check up to be sure you don't have any underlying medical problem. The next step would be to see a psychiatrist to explore what underlying psychological issues might be creating these symptoms. Therapy often is quite helpful sometimes with anti-anxiety medication short term.
Anxiety. I understand your anxiety about your vision. Feel the Blessings of your eyes with 7 million nerve cells on the back of your eyes due to which you are able to see in different lights, see the contrast, texture, colors and appreciate depth Go to National Parks, see Rainbows, Sunrises, Sunsets, Ocean, mountains, canyons, valleys and feel the Wonders See Psychiatrist for Medication, Intensive Therapy.