If a colon needs to be removed because of colon cancer are their alternatives to a external bag?

Bag is rarely needed. Colostomy (external bag) is rarely needed for elective cancer surgery. It is more frequently used if the cancer is located very close to the anus, Also, a temporary colostomy may be used for emergency surgery when cancer is obstructing colon completely and the bowel cannot be cleaned prior to the surgery.
No. If the distal colon is removed with the anal canal and sphincters, the proximal remaining bowel is brought out as a colostomy. At one time there was an attempt to bring the proximal bowel out thru a weak or non functional anal sphincter. The bowel brought out as such had no control and patient had to wear a diaper at all times. The colostomy can be irrigated to eliminate need for a bag.

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My husband had stage one colon cancer doc has removed most of his colon and intestine does have a bag how long will he live?

Long. Stage 1 colon cancer is usually highly curable. From the extent of the surgery the might be some other problem that required the more extensive surgery.
Good Prognosis. Stage I colon cancer means it is localized cancer confined to bowel wall, no lymph node spread, survival rate o f90%., do no worry and have regular check ups including endoscopy.

GI problem. I am 68, male and had my retum removed due to colon cancer. After the removal I had loose stools and went on Immodium for 8 years. I recently heard hat this medication may cause dementia. I looked for an alternative, but could not find one. I

Diarrhea. You can try lomotil (diphenoxylat and atropine)
Listen, Ron. In a way, I'm sorry that after a cancer cure, you would still be so distrustful of scientific medicine. I found the "pop" claim about imodium, (loperamide) which we've used for decades, causing dementia on a doctor-bashing site and it looks to me that it's made up out of whole cloth. Any physician who could show there's a risk would have his science career made; nobody has. Don't let crooks trouble you.

Are there any alternatives to chemotherapy treatment for metastic colon cancer?

Yes. While chemo like FOLFOX is transiently effective, more immunotherapeutic agents are showing good responses. Avastin (bevacizumab) a vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor and Erbitux effecting epidermal growth factor 1 are working well as is the newer Neo-102 against the immunogenic protein. Chemo in conjuction with the biologics (immunochemo) is the best combo.