Symptoms : Tickle in throat cough, excessive phlegm. Excessive eye mucus & very red eyes. Lethargic & some headache. No fever. Nasal passages clear.

Allergies. seem the most likely cause . Most common are cat or dog hair, dust mites, mold, seasonal plants ,weeds or trees. Please check with an allergist near you since there are different allergies geographically. Get well.

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I have woken up with my eyes sealed shut from green mucous along with an extremely sore throat, productive cough, red eyes, stuffy nose and exhaustion

Viral URI. The mucus lining of the eye and of the nose and throat can be simultaneously infected by a virus at the same time. The usual treatments you might take for a cold are in order here. Keep the eyes clean with warm moist cloths but unless the vision is significantly disturbed or the eyes start to become painful, you can probably let this run its course. Read more...

Chest feels congested/sore, upper middle back pain, slightly stuffed nose, very little to no cough with no phlegm, throat doesn't feel sore, red eye?

See your doctor. This isn't normal and your doctor will give you specific treatment after physically examining you. You may need to examine you for sinus or upper respiratory infection or symptoms to help you feel better. Rest and hydrate and reduce your high stress level. Avoid sugary sweets, processed foods, fried or non organic meats as well. Let your body and mind rest! Read more...