Yellow vomit and blood?

Could be serious. You need to see a GI specialist asap and if this persists, go to the nearest er.
Not normal. C MD NOW. Lots of potential causes. Yellow vomit likely has some bile in it. Blood is blood and you aren't supposed to vomit it. Lots of causes for that too, including laceration of blood vessel, ulcer, tumor, varicose veins in esophagus or stomach, other. C md now.

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What does it mean if you vomit up yellow sick and blood?

Vomiting. You may have a sinus infection which has irritated your nose causing bleeding combined with mucus from your sinus infection. Read more...

Why would I have daily yellow vomit?

Yellow color is from. Bile from the duodenum. Daily vomiting needs to be evaluated by your dr. As it could be due to a partial bowel obstruction. Read more...

My daughter has been vomiting since friday. Bright yellow vomit there is no food in vomit. Large amount of yellow vomit. What could this be?

Vomiting. Your child has been vomiting for too long. The yellow color may be bile which might indicate that she has an obstruction. It is past time that she should be seen. I would take her to the er asap and have her examined.X rays seem to be in order. Read more...