How can I darken a region of lighter skin on my chest? I once had tinea versicolor but doctors determined the fungus to be gone. Is tanning ok?

I wouldn't try. This post-inflammatory pigmentation is to be expected. Exposing your skin to ultraviolet will age it faster than it needs to happen, and risks cancer down the road. Messing around with darkeners like permanganate is more likely to leave a mess. In real life, there are no movie-star-perfect bodies, and nobody cares. At your age, like any other, looks are 95% about fitness. Best wishes.

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Long after the bacteria tinea versicolor was determined GONE from my chest, the lightened skin patch remains. How can I restore my skin pigmentation?

Whoa. First, tinea versicolor is a fungus, not a bacterium. Second, culture is famously unreliable as a means of determining that it's gone. Third, the fungus is ubiquitous and returns quickly -- you manage tinea versicolor long-term. Fourth, a single depigmented patch is unlikely to be tinea versicolor. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding or you need a second physician's opinion. Read more...