. My blood pressure is 144/88 I checked it at wlamart on the mechanie should I be worried?

Not yet. There are a lot of factors that go into a blood pressure reading. Manual reading, caffeine, rush hour traffic, obesity, blood pressure cuff size. The goal is to check it frequently at varying times of day to get a better idea of what your blood pressure really is.
No cause for worry. Blood pressure fluctuates with activity and emotional ups and downs. So it has to be tested on more than once or twice before you will find the true reading. Rest in the chair for 5 minutes and remain calm before you check it. If it is under 140/90 mm, then you can monitor it once weekly for 1-2 months. Readings above 140/85mm may need a visit to the physician for further monitoring and advice.
Yes. That is not anywhere near a good pressure given your age. Set up a consult and we can discuss this further and possibly institute treatment. It's not a medical emergency but needs to be dealt with ASAP.