Can the canesten pessary and cream cure internal thrush as well as bacterial vaginitis?

Thrush yes, BV no. Canesten® (clotrimazole) is excellent treatment for vaginal yeast infection (thrush), but not bacterial vaginosis. BV is overgrowth of mostly normal bacteria and requires treatment with an antibiotic by mouth, usually metronidazole. You also need STD testing, because gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichonmonas are common in women with BV. So you'll need to see a doctor. ?????!

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I had thrush, doctor gave me canesten pessary. My bf gave him canesten cream only to apply on his part, is it enough? Have appointment at GUclinic in jun

Usually fine. Some fungal (candida) infections (often called "thrush") can come back. Make sure you both use the medication as directed for its full course. If he has a foreskin, the medication needs to get under the foreskin well. If it returns, see your doctor. This medication works well for most people, assuming you do not have an immune system problem. Good luck! Read more...