Is it necessary to take medicine for liver functioning (Himalaya liver 52ds) while taking supplements (whey protein, BCAAs, glutamine, creatine etc)?

Unnatural substances. Taking multiple substances sold as supplements or body enhancers is unnatural (eating food is natural), and such supplements are not tested for effects and side effects, compared to the testing that is required of real medications. Thus, all sorts of claims can be made by sellers and other people, but in reality nobody knows for sure what good or bad things can happen. As they say, "Buyer beware."

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Hepa b carrier. Taking viread, (tenofovir) hbv-dna 43iu/ml feb 2013. Ok to take creatine bcaa glutamine whey protein for bodybuilding? And garcinia gambogia? Thank

Treating Hepatitis B. The answer to this question lies with the doctor who is prescribing you viread (tenofovir). Viread (tenofovir) can be very hard on one's kidneys. If there is any worry about your kidneys then this creatine is probably not a wise decision. Read more...