Does pulmonologist or primary care prescribe antibiotics for cold, bronchitis, cough, sore throatss, some sinus and ear infection, stomach flu?

Practice guidelines. Physicians are licensed to prescribe appropriate treatment for conditions which they have been trained to recognize and then encounter during a visit. Some will avoid dealing with issues for which they are not currently up to date. A primary care doc is trained in a broad range of conditions while a specialist focuses on fewer areas.
Yes. Pulmonologists are also internal medicine doctors. However it,s always a good idea to also have a family doctor and gynecologist. Stay well.

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5 yr old diag with sinus/left ear infection. 100.5 temp. No cough, very congested. Dr said no flu like symptoms or strep symptoms, so no test. Worry?

Depends. How long have they been sick? If it has been a day or two then they may get better on their own. If 5-7 days, then they may need treatment. Especially if they think there is sinusitis, the complications can occur quickly. Either way i would use nasal saline a couple times a day to help thin secretions. Read more...

28 mnth old R ear infection, cough, no fever. Prescribed orciprenaline & cefprozil if infect'n persists (>36 hrs.) Concerned about giving antibiotic?

Confusing treatment. Some research centers suggest we hold abx for a few days because a fraction of ear infections are viral and self heal. I think I can tell the difference in viral/bacterial infections and treat or not based on my exam.I can see the confusion, but in my world the kid would get the abx and nothing else, the add on does little if anything. Read more...