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What is the cause of dermoid cyst in ovary?

Just occurs. There is no specific cause for these cyst. They are thought to be present from an early age, and begin to grow if they are stimulated by timing or hormones.

Female, 19y/o, single. I have an ovarian cyst. 2010 until present. They became twins and the other one is a dermoid cyst. Is it necessary to be removed?

Yes. If you have a dermoid cysts of the ovary, while it is not urgent, it should eventually be removed. It will continue to slowly grow over time and may be harder to save the ovary if it gets too big.

19y/o, female, virgin, single. I have an ovarian cyst.2010-present. My cyst are twins and the other one is dermoid cyst. Is operation necessary?

Recommend surgery. Ovarian cystectomy (cyst removal) is suggested in order to make a definitive diagnosis, preserve ovarian tissue, and avoid potential problems such as torsion, rupture, or development of malignant components (cancer), which can happen in about 1% of cases.

Can you get a dermoid cyst removed without affecting the ovary?

Usually not. A dermoid ovarian cyst usually involves a substantial amount of the ovarian composition and even if it is partially resected, if any is left behind then it will recur. Most md's remove the ovary in its' entirety. This cyst has epithelial (ectoderm) derived elements like hair and teeth contained therein.

Hello, I have a dermoid cyst on my ovary and the size is 2.8x 2.6x 3.1. Is this big enough to get removed?

Mature teratoma. It does not require removal at this size, although dermoids will need to be removed at sometime in the future. It is a benign tumor that can grow quite large over years, and is much more easily removed when small to mid-size. They do not "go away on their own." Many Gyn surgeons would remove it for you at this size: discuss with doctor you trust what's best for you. Good wishes.

I have a 4cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary?

Removal is ideal. Majority of dermoid cysts are benign, best option is removal most of the time by laparoscopy for a small cyst like yours, as with time they increase in size, if ruptures will cause severe chemical peritonitis and malignancy will be ruled out. It is low risk safe procedure.

Dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries can I get the same to my other ovary?

Yes, less likely. Benign cystic teratomas, or dermoid cysts, are germ cell tumors of the ovary that account for 20-25% of all ovarian tumors and are bilateral in 10-15% of cases.1 They have a low incidence of malignancy, reported as 1-3%.

Pls what are symptoms of dermoid cyst? I was diagnosed of it in one of my ovaries. What should I do, I'm 27years

Depends on its size. Never mind symptoms, it usually needs removal. It's not normal, won't go away by itself, and if it ruptures it's a mess. Good luck.