Can one nostril blockage cause me to feel tightness around my head and I always wake up with soar throat and my toungue is coated white &yellow a bit?

Sinus blockage. can cause you to breathe through your mouth and dry the mouth and throat. Other sinus cavities may be congested also causing pressure sensations in the head. If this persists or has been on going, see an ENT for evaluation and diagnosis.
2 possibilities. The 2 most common reasons for your symptoms are 1) Sinus infection/blockage, and you should see a specialist Otolaryngologist (ENT) for examination/evaluation. The other is 2) airway malformation, which is often correctable orally. A high narrow palatal vault often signifies narrow nasal passages. See a specialist Orthodontist for examination/evaluation. See both specialists and compare notes.
Dry mouth. Sounds like you are breathing through your mouth at night and drying tissue that is meant to stay moist.